NSM is a community of professionals who apply injection technologies such as mesotherapy, contour plastic surgery, biorevitalization, bioreparation, injections of botulinum toxin, etc. in the field of aesthetic medicine, dermatology, therapy and other areas of health treatment.

Initially, the main objective of NSM consisted of development and popularization of the "Mesotherapy" technique as well as the improvement of Russian cosmetologists' expertise.

Gradually accumulated experience has led us to the idea to expand the goals of the Society, since the Russian mesoterapeutists and doctors that wish to master this technique are not only interested in other injection techniques, but also in the application of combined treatment methods. Thus, we have expanded the range of issues and topics discussed at NSM.

We hope this decision, which affected all of our activities, was correct.

The History of NSM

The establishment of the National Society of Mesotherapy in Russia was a logical consequence of more than half a century of global world practice of national mesotherapeutic societies. The first such society was established in 1964 in France, which is the home of mesotherapy.

In April 2006, the National Society of Mesotherapy was registered in Russia as a non-profit organization, whose members can be both individuals and legal entities.

In 2007, NSM was accepted as a member of International Society of Mesotherapy (Societe Internationale Mesotherapie, SIM).

Presently, there are 22 mesotherapeutical societies in the world with which the Russian National Society maintains close relationships with the above societies.

Activities of the Society

What is NSM today? NSM is the preservation and the extension of various areas of work, relevant and interesting for physicians practicing injection techniques.

Training of specialists

Organization of various forms of physician training for the purposes of advanced training. The training is conducted on the basis of educational facilities of NSM’s partners where seminars are held by leading Russian and foreign specialists in the field of injection techniques.

Experience sharing

National Society of Mesotherapy is a sponsor, partner and organizer of numerous industry exhibitions, congresses and conferences. After all, the quality work of the physician requires being aware of innovations in the world of injection techniques. Therefore, experience sharing with the Russian and foreign colleagues is a key component of success for a qualified professional. Beside traditional forms of communication at conferences and exhibitions, we invite specialists to participate in the NSM’s professional periodical and in online conferences held for the Society’s members.

Publishing activity

An important phase of our work is the release of the scientific-practical review "Mesotherapy". A wide range of issues dealt with in its articles helps to acquire invaluable experience, learn about novel and frontline techniques in cosmetology and injection therapy. We actively cooperate with professional medical publishing houses; Natalia Pavlovna Mikhailova, our Vice President, is the scientific editor of the specialized translated and Russian periodicals.

Scientific research

Cooperation with the leading academic centers allows us to keep abreast of advanced research in injection therapy and thus acquire the latest information about the ongoing developments. The key task of NSM is to inform its members about findings of the most interesting research, activities and discussions.

Partnership and cooperation

NSM is an organization that is always ready for cooperation in different areas of work. We are open to new ideas and suggestions and are happy to discuss and implement new interesting facilities. We discuss the conditions of interaction with each partner on individual basis, as the comfort and mutual understanding is an essential part of successful and long-term cooperation.

If aesthetic medicine is your mission, we expect you to join our ranks of experts.