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Mesotherapy Review Nos. 30/2015 to 33/2016 (4 issues)


Product GIALRIPAJER-08M/mesolift - lifting and lipolysis in one bottle

Product form: 5 ml bottles.

Composition: Hyaluronic acid (2 mg/ml) modified with Vitamin C and L-carnitine.


· Biological aging of skin in combination with excess fatty deposits in the area to be corrected.

· Local fat deposits in the chin area.

· A small amount of local fat deposits in other parts of the body (for example, around knee and elbow joints).

· Cellulite.

· Ptosis and sagging skin in shoulders, hips, anterior abdominal wall due to loss of volume against the correction of excessive body fat.

· The drug is used after liposuction, injection lipolysis, application of MLS, and in addition to the foregoing.

* the special offer is valid on April 16, 17, and 18