March 18 - At Crocus City Hall the International Forum of Dermatovenerologists and Cosmetologists, chaired by Professor N.N. Potekayev

19.03.2015 Within the Forum activities a satellite symposium took place with support of Martinex Group where N.P. Mikhailova, NSM’s Vice President, delivered the report on the following topic: “Peels and injection methods in combination correction of hyperpigmentation and photoaging.” N.P. Mikhailova’s speech report aroused vivid interest among other dermatovenerologists who noted that the report was of great scientific and practical value, and included innovative original developments. At the Forum the Martinex Group’s booth operates where drugs by Laboratory TOSCANI and printed materials of Medestetic-Press Publishing House are sold; besides, here they provide consultations to materials developers of Martinex Training and Guidance Center.

N.P. Mikhailova, Vice President of Martinex Group

N.P. Mikhailova, Vice President of National Society of Mesotherapy, and A.V. Panevin, Director of Operations, Head of Peels Section of Martinex Group

Audience of the satellite symposium


N.P. Mikhailova answers to questions of the listeners

Products of Laboratory TOSCANI

Work of the Sales Department

The stand of the Publishing House at the Forum