FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! Multidisciplinary Forum “Latest Trends in ANTI-AGE Programs. Preventive medicine and aesthetics. Effective collaboration"


We invite you to participate in the multidisciplinary forum that will discuss topical issues of the integrated approach to correction of age-related changes: from hormone replacement therapy to mesotherapeutic protocols. The issues of body detoxification and its role in integrated treatment of acne, as well as the treatment of articular pathology will be addressed.

The reports and master-classes will be provided by the leading Russian and foreign specialist in ANTI-AGE therapy, namely, Prof. E.A. Turova (Russia); Mohamed Ali Farah, MD (Tunisia); V.K. Khugayeva, Doctor of Medical Science (Russia); N.P. Mikhailova (Moscow); E.A. Neumyvaikina (Kazakhstan), A.R. Rozhanets (Moscow) and other reporters.    

Date of the event: April 15, 2015

Event location: 23 Novoslobodskaya, Novotel, Moscow