"Focus-on - profile view. New approaches in facial aesthetics”


March 19 and 20, Azimut Moscow Olympic Hotel - the X-th Anniversary Conference is held hosted by National Society of Mesotherapy and Eurasian Association of Specialists in Injection Methods, with support of Martinex Group - "Focus-on- profile view. New approaches in facial aesthetics”.

Reports were delivered both by Western and Russian experts in aesthetic cosmetology. The Conference was opened by Mrs. Natalia Mikhailova, NSM’s Vice President, who made a presentation on injection management and “fashion” injection programs. The speech of Mrs. Sabina Zenker, MD (Germany) addressed “3D approach to rehabilitation of face architectonics”. The report of Prof. Olga Orlova, the President of Interregional Non-Governmental Organization of Specialists in Botulinum Toxin Therapy was devoted to the topic "Botulinum toxin therapy: from clinical medicine to aesthetics”. Didier Dubois, MD (France) presented a master class on "Comprehensive correction of age-related changes of neck and decollete skin".

The Conference was attended by more than 200 cosmetologists and specialists in injection methods from 14 cities of Russia, Germany and the United States.

The participants of the Event could both listen to reports and view master classes, and get counseling from Western and Russian experts, as well as participate in the drawing of prizes: from Martinex Group - baskets with products by TOSCANI Laboratory, from Medestetik-Press Publishing House - “Atlas. Mesotherapy” (under the scientific editorship of N.P. Mikhailova), M.A. Selyanin’s book “Polysaccharides in medicine of the future”, set of Mesotherapy Review issues, and the main prize - a certificate for visiting of the III-rd International Congress “Innovative Anti-Aging Technologies in Aesthetic Medicine” organized by NSM and Martinex Group under the auspices of UNESCO and to be held this fall.

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Welcome address by M.A. Selyanin, the President of Martinex Group

Participants of the Conference

The speech of Prof. O.R. Orlova

D. Dubois, MD, and his model client after the master competition.

I. Polyakova, Marketing Director of Martinex Group, K. Shamailova, Director of Martinex Training and Guidance Center,. and a lottery winner with her prize - a basket of products by Martinex Group.